Thursday, December 15, 2011

my apologies

i can see that my blog isnt very well known. so! i'll end this for now. baibai!

Monday, December 12, 2011

favorite japanese songs

konnichi wa! im back with my favortie japanese songs.

#5 is Vampire knight opening song/closing song

#4 is Lucky Star theme

#3 is pretty cure theme

#2 is Cardcaptor theme english/japanese

and #1 is PASSION!! i love this song with a passion. ^_^


Thursday, December 8, 2011

japanese DIGTAL idols part2

yes! i found more after searching and making sure. now ehre are the other idols i found

this is kaito. not sure what his last name is exactly. but his voice is deep and i love his songs.
this is yowane haku. she's fanmade (i think). her voice is low but smooth. she's the sad drunk vocaloid though. saddening.....
the is gumi she's a megapoid. she's adorable and love carrots. laugh* her voice is high but cute for her
this is my other fav vocaloid meiko. a bit brutal to the others but nice. her voie is mid-high to low. (or at least i think it is. *laugh*

this cute pink girl is kasane teto. an adorable utauloid. that loves bread. :) has a cutely high voice like gumi does. her songs are cool too.
this is the utauloid defoko. a cute half robot girl with a shy lowish voice. i love her as much as miku and teto :3

thats all for now! bye bye!