Thursday, December 15, 2011

my apologies

i can see that my blog isnt very well known. so! i'll end this for now. baibai!

Monday, December 12, 2011

favorite japanese songs

konnichi wa! im back with my favortie japanese songs.

#5 is Vampire knight opening song/closing song

#4 is Lucky Star theme

#3 is pretty cure theme

#2 is Cardcaptor theme english/japanese

and #1 is PASSION!! i love this song with a passion. ^_^


Thursday, December 8, 2011

japanese DIGTAL idols part2

yes! i found more after searching and making sure. now ehre are the other idols i found

this is kaito. not sure what his last name is exactly. but his voice is deep and i love his songs.
this is yowane haku. she's fanmade (i think). her voice is low but smooth. she's the sad drunk vocaloid though. saddening.....
the is gumi she's a megapoid. she's adorable and love carrots. laugh* her voice is high but cute for her
this is my other fav vocaloid meiko. a bit brutal to the others but nice. her voie is mid-high to low. (or at least i think it is. *laugh*

this cute pink girl is kasane teto. an adorable utauloid. that loves bread. :) has a cutely high voice like gumi does. her songs are cool too.
this is the utauloid defoko. a cute half robot girl with a shy lowish voice. i love her as much as miku and teto :3

thats all for now! bye bye!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Japanese anime top 5

gomen nasai miina-san! *bows* i cant find more idols. so! instead i'll show you what people i know voted as the top five fav animes! lets go!

                                                                    #5 LOVE HINA
                                                                 #3 NARUTO
                                                      #2 COWBOY BEEBOP
                                               and MY #1 anime is............. BLOOD+
so! these are the top five (plus mine) i found online. anime rocks! **laugh** have a good day! ^_^

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Word of the day

hello! im back with the word of the day! and that word is.....

Shiawasena kyūjitsu!!

and it means......

happy holidays!!

and in kanji it is written.....


more posts of Japanese DIGTAL idols soon! ^_^

Friday, November 18, 2011

japanese DIGTAL idols part1

konnichi wa blogger! im back with DIGITAL japanese idols. starting with vocaloids ready?

this is miku hatsune. a digital diva. she was the first in the vocaloid series. a voice synthesiser. and very popular

these are the twins rin and len kagamine. the second series in vocaoids. but they sound different. but sound GREAT together
this is luka megurine. the third vocaloid. her voice is in between low and high. she's really pretty AND the first vocaloid with pink hair. (heh.) **(more vocaloids soon. ok?)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

japanese idols

konnichi wa! im back again. i was sick. :( so! here i am with cool japanese idols! the women ones (only images i found). her we go!

this is Anno Haruna. a japanese gravur idol/glamour model and idol. isnt she pretty?
this is my favorite idol Hikaru Utada! i loved her song passion. but in english its my sanctuary. i love BOTH languages very much. she's so cool!
this is Ayumi Hamasaki. a VERY popular idol in japan. she sold 50 million records in japan alone! (whoa talk about a fast mover) and very popular in the fashion and pop culture. i wanna meet her in the near future!

this is Yuko Ogura one of the most popular japanese idols out there right now. she's cute in her own little way.
this is Aimi Eguchi. cute idol right? she's very popular. very talented in singing too. she was on a Candy comercial as well. but....sadly she's not real. i recently learned she's a computer generized girl made from parts of a popular group AKB 40. shocking isnt it?

later this week i'll show cute DIGITAL japanese idols. ^_^ bai bai!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sentence of the day!

some of my friends told me to continue with the new sentence of the day. so! here's my sentence of the day!

Nihongo gakushu wa tanoshiidesu!!!

this mean "learning japanese is fun!"

日本語学習は楽しいです <------- written in kanji

Ni-hon-go  gak-u-shu  wa  tanoshi-i desu (desu is des. you dont say the U)

*_* bye bye! next sentence of the day will be posted soon

Thursday, November 3, 2011

japanese flowers!

konnichi wa! im here with my favorite japanese flowers. ready?

these are japanese wood poppy. these beauties grow in late spring/early summer.

this pink flower is one of my favs! this is a madien lily. a fragrant flower that grows mid-spring and early summer. i love it!

this is the himalayian blue poppy. beautiful isnt it? judging by the name im guessing it grows by the himalayas. the bloom in early and mid-summer

these are japanese azalea. they're lovely flowers that bloom in early april to mid-june.

these flowers are called japanese magnolias and bloom in the onset of spring

Monday, October 31, 2011

japanese pronunciation

hi! im back with help for pronouncing some japanese words ok? lets go!

Me/I ------> watashi

taxi ------> takushii

hotel ------> hoteru

sorry ------> gomen nasai

how are you? ------> ogenki desu ka?

i'm fine ------> genki desu

water ------> omizu

nice to meet you ------> hajimemashite

good morning! ------> ohayou gozaimasu! (mass = masu)

play ------>asobu

thats all for now! bye bye!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

kawaii bento (cute lunch boxes)

these cute bentos im gonna show you are bentos with cute anime characters and animals. i only know of at least three up here. so! lets start!

this is a cute bento i found. i dunno who this fat cat is but maybe you can help me out?

this cute bento is of yoshi and kirby. i LOVE this! ^_^

this one is of my favorite poke'mon pikachu! its a continuation of the kirby and yoshi bento. i think this was insipired by SuperSmash bros for N64. awesome job

this is zelda/link (never knew what the difference was) but its still cute!

and this is of my FAVORITE DS game! cooking mama. and its "dobule screened" *laugh* cute idea guys. keep it up! be back soon with more kawaii things! sayounara!

Monday, October 24, 2011

cute wigs for japanese cosplay

konnichiwa miina-san! im here to show you what i think are cute cosplay wigs. (even though i dont like wigs persay but i think you get what i mean) so! here are my top six choices!! ready~nya?

this is a brown/blonde mixed wig. now i might be wrong but this is from a lolita outfit? i dunno BUT i think this is cute. this is #6

this is a straight black and turquoise rockstar lolita wig. i would wear this when im in my lolita clothing. this is a simple yet SO cool wig. ^_^ this is my #5

this is a pink and blue blend goth lolita wig. THIS is cute! and my #4

this is ac cute wing for cosplaying Stocking. its blue and pink. and its long/straight. i like this so this is #3

this is a chesnut gothic lolita wig from the Daily doll collection. i think this is cute and frames he models face PERFECTLY. it makes it even cuter with the brown bows and the innocent blue dress and white heels. #2

and THIS kawaii wig is my #1. its a curly and cute gothic lolita wig. its a split pink and mint colored wig. i cant see myself wearing this because it wouldnt go with my skin BUT! it might go with my blog viewers <hint hint: thats YOU hee hee> and for credit i'll add the link of the site i got these lovely and cute wig pics from!

--------->LINK<--------- <sorry. the link doesnt work.>

Word of the day

hello again! im back with the word of the day! ^_^ today's word is HANA it means flower


花 <------ in kanji

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Japanese snack foods

hi! its me again. here with good japan snack foods. 'kay?

this is chocolate pocky. i LOVE pocky. its quick and easy to et on the run. plus its CHOCOLATE! *laugh*

this is a cola flavored candy called senjaku hiyasyuwa. hard to say right? i know. i wanna try it one day soon. ^_^
this is Meji gummy choco. strawberry flavor. i never heard of gummy chocolate but it looks good. so! i wanna know where to buy this. ^_^

these are teriyaki flavored chips. they are known as Hsia wen hsien. weird name but i love the flavor of teriyaki!

this is a Puccho stick. grape flavored gum i guess. it MELTS in your mouth but NEVER loses its flavor. it sounds deliciously good. i want some!

and this is Glico mixed berry cheesecake collon. im not really sure what exactly a collon or a glico is but it looks super yummy! plus i adore strawberry cheesecake. but on the box it says "biscuit roll" over collon. so im guessing thats what it is? =_= i told ya im not so sure. *giggle*

so! how was my food post? good? great? sweet? more food or drink post later on ok? Bai bai!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Scenic or sacred places in japan

konnichiwa. im gonna list some places in japan. (yep! no kawaii things until further notice. ok?)

this is fuji-san. in Izu national park. located in honshu, japan. this entie area has many hotsprings, seaside spas and historic places. this beautiful mountain is a dormant volcano and is the national mountain of japan.

this is  Miyajima, japan. a very sacred island and it has a famous floating torii and the itsukushima shrine. i would love to visit this place to take scenic pictures.

tis is japan's greatest castel (so it said on the site) is called "the white heron" in himeji, japan. it looks very nice and elegant. i wonder who lived there?

this is a zen rock garden at the Nanzenji Temple in Kyoto, japan. the emperor Kameyama made this in 1291 (whoa!) on the residence of his palace. it became one of the most important Rinzai temples in japan

this is the Silver Pavilion Temple in Kyoto, japan. isnt it beautiful?

thats all for now people! arigatou godzimasu and have a good day

Friday, September 30, 2011

Kawaii neko characters ~NYAAAAW~

im in a kitty kinda mood so im gonna post cute anime nekos. 'kay?

this is an adorable neko girl with her kitty companion. she didnt have a name so im naming her Mimi the kitty! kawaii right?

this is from K-on (i think) this has to be the cutest picture i've seen thus far! the fiesty kitten/cat nips playfully on her owners finger.

this is so cute!! she is a chibi neko girl. i love the big ears but small feet! kawaii!

this is a very happy and playful neko i found on the internet from deviantart. i love the bushy but cute tail of hers! i wish i had one too. **giggle** so! this is the end of my kawaii neko characters! konbanwa!!