Friday, September 30, 2011

Kawaii neko characters ~NYAAAAW~

im in a kitty kinda mood so im gonna post cute anime nekos. 'kay?

this is an adorable neko girl with her kitty companion. she didnt have a name so im naming her Mimi the kitty! kawaii right?

this is from K-on (i think) this has to be the cutest picture i've seen thus far! the fiesty kitten/cat nips playfully on her owners finger.

this is so cute!! she is a chibi neko girl. i love the big ears but small feet! kawaii!

this is a very happy and playful neko i found on the internet from deviantart. i love the bushy but cute tail of hers! i wish i had one too. **giggle** so! this is the end of my kawaii neko characters! konbanwa!!

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