Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kawaii japanese accessories

i recently found many cute accessories in the japanese site i was on earlier. so. this post will go on until there re at least five posts. ^_^ yosh! lets go!

this is an adorably kawaii pouch from i'd SO buy this if i ever wanted to add to my cuteness^_^

this keychain is called Mikan-chan. this is from this is adorable and cute. ^_^ my little sister would L-O-V-E this keychain on her backpack

this is a milkshake keychain. looks real doesnt it? i thought it was real too......until i saw the chain on it **giggle** the yummy looking blueberry on top sold me! i want it so so sooooo bad!

this is an absolutely kawaii smoothie keychain. its from the same site as the smoothie one above. it has (fake) but yummy looking berries and ice cream on top with chocolate drizzled on it! <3 one of my personal favs!

this is an adorable black cat with its meal. this is SUPER kawaii considering that i LOVE black cats. this one is from ----------><---------- this is the link (i hope.) i would buy this when i feel mischeivous like this kawaii black cat

**squee* kawaii-desu! <3 this creature of the night is so cute! the yellow eyes and star make it even better. i'd wear this on halloween. or any other day ^_^ this is from the same website as the kawaii kitty above.

i shall continue this soon. ^_^ have a great day miina-san!

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