Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kawaii japanese accessories (cont.)

hiya! i found WAY more adorably kawaii accessories

this is a kawaii japanese rhinestone hairclip printed with sakura flowers. ^_^

this is a very kawaii ring. i'd wear this when im in a good and unexpected mood

this is a gravity defying ring. its random and kawaii to me.

this is a peachy couple phone accessory ^_^ its sooooooooooooo kawaii to have! i'd get this for my phone. sugoi-desu!

this a okinawan treat ring! i LOVE this ring. ^_^ it looks yummy and kawaii. i want this!

kawaii-desu neh!! this is a cell phone/ mp4 holder. its a happy tofu square ready to hold your electronics :3 im gonna find one of these. *giggle*

these are adorably cute picks for your bento boxes. dont you just LOVE animals?

thats all for now! i have to go eat. ITADAKIMASU! and KONBANWA!

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