Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fab Foods

This yummy looking treat is called Okonomiyaki. its a japanese pancake. its SUPER delicious too. once made you can top it with anything you want to. i'd recommend some veggies and soy sauce. YUM.

this is sushi. basically raw fish. its not gross. its actually very healthy for you. i have tried this as well. its so refreshing.

and this is takoyaki. yummy dumpling balls with a piece of fresh octopus inside. at first i thought it wouldnt sit well. but NOW i love it. once you visit japan. you'll see. :)

this has been the food part of my blog. i will post more up here as i learn more. tomorrow i'll put up pictures of fabulous japanese models from any magazine. post anything if you'd like. comment if you can. 'kay? SAYOUNARA!

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