Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kawaii(cute) Chibi Characters

konnichi wa bloggers! me again with my top five cute chibi characters from anime. if you have different choices post some up. all ideas are welcome

this is Hatsune Miku. a vocaloid character made in japan. many people love her. she's cute and has a great voice.

this is zero from vampire knight in chibi form. he and Cross Yuuki go to the same campus amd he doesnt trust or like Kuran Kaname-kun. but he's still cute in this form. ^_^

this is chibi ichigo from tokyo mewmew. ^_^ she's a cat. i think and always will think she's adorable. regular OR CHIBI. I ADORE her pink hair. it looks nice with the black ears. ^_^

this is kilala. sango-chan's pet from the anime inuyasha. adorable small. but when she's mad she grows and has big fangs coming out of her mouth. still though. she's ADORABLE ^_^

and this is Chibi-usa(Reeney). daugter of usagi (serena) from the future. an adorabe and fiesty girl like her mother. she has CUTE pink hair too. she transforms into sailor mini moon and serena turns into sailor moon. both cute. ^_^

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