Friday, September 30, 2011

Kawaii neko characters ~NYAAAAW~

im in a kitty kinda mood so im gonna post cute anime nekos. 'kay?

this is an adorable neko girl with her kitty companion. she didnt have a name so im naming her Mimi the kitty! kawaii right?

this is from K-on (i think) this has to be the cutest picture i've seen thus far! the fiesty kitten/cat nips playfully on her owners finger.

this is so cute!! she is a chibi neko girl. i love the big ears but small feet! kawaii!

this is a very happy and playful neko i found on the internet from deviantart. i love the bushy but cute tail of hers! i wish i had one too. **giggle** so! this is the end of my kawaii neko characters! konbanwa!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kawaii japanese accessories (cont.)

hiya! i found WAY more adorably kawaii accessories

this is a kawaii japanese rhinestone hairclip printed with sakura flowers. ^_^

this is a very kawaii ring. i'd wear this when im in a good and unexpected mood

this is a gravity defying ring. its random and kawaii to me.

this is a peachy couple phone accessory ^_^ its sooooooooooooo kawaii to have! i'd get this for my phone. sugoi-desu!

this a okinawan treat ring! i LOVE this ring. ^_^ it looks yummy and kawaii. i want this!

kawaii-desu neh!! this is a cell phone/ mp4 holder. its a happy tofu square ready to hold your electronics :3 im gonna find one of these. *giggle*

these are adorably cute picks for your bento boxes. dont you just LOVE animals?

thats all for now! i have to go eat. ITADAKIMASU! and KONBANWA!

Sentence of the day **NEW**

konnichiwa! im back with the SENTENCE of the day ^_^ its a LONG one too.

watashi wa rikai shite inai <----- this means "i dont understand"


私は理解していない <-----in kanji

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kawaii japanese accessories (cont.)

i found more cute accessories. ^_^

this is an adorably kawaii happy onigiri ring. i'd wear this when im in a good mood

these are green tea and strawberry mantou buns. KAWAII. i love the cute eyes and red cheeks

these are kawaii matches with an attachable flame. they gave starry eyed red. girly pink. happy boy blue. and cool skeleton. i'd buy these for my phone anytime!

this is a ring. yes a RING. with cookies that smile. ^_^ kawaii desho-neh? i'd wear this cookie jar ring

this is a kawaii squishy donut from it looks SO real. i actually thought it was a real donut. then again. there IS chain hanging from it. lol ^_^

Kawaii japanese accessories

i recently found many cute accessories in the japanese site i was on earlier. so. this post will go on until there re at least five posts. ^_^ yosh! lets go!

this is an adorably kawaii pouch from i'd SO buy this if i ever wanted to add to my cuteness^_^

this keychain is called Mikan-chan. this is from this is adorable and cute. ^_^ my little sister would L-O-V-E this keychain on her backpack

this is a milkshake keychain. looks real doesnt it? i thought it was real too......until i saw the chain on it **giggle** the yummy looking blueberry on top sold me! i want it so so sooooo bad!

this is an absolutely kawaii smoothie keychain. its from the same site as the smoothie one above. it has (fake) but yummy looking berries and ice cream on top with chocolate drizzled on it! <3 one of my personal favs!

this is an adorable black cat with its meal. this is SUPER kawaii considering that i LOVE black cats. this one is from ----------><---------- this is the link (i hope.) i would buy this when i feel mischeivous like this kawaii black cat

**squee* kawaii-desu! <3 this creature of the night is so cute! the yellow eyes and star make it even better. i'd wear this on halloween. or any other day ^_^ this is from the same website as the kawaii kitty above.

i shall continue this soon. ^_^ have a great day miina-san!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Word of the day

hi! today's word is BURI-BERI. simply means blueberry. ^_^ easy right? say i slow 'cause people have said it wrong. ^_^ yoi ichi-nichi o sugosu!<------ tell ya what this means soon. k?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My favorite japan fashions (CONT.)

hajimemashite!! im continuing this blog with only two more pictures

this is the hime lolita style. very elegant to me and very chic. here. she has on a velvet red shirt and a ruffled white skirt. her hat goes perfectly with this also and the white heels makes this outfit look innocent like the sweet lolita.

this is the shiro lolita. or the white lolita. everything is white/off white/cream. from the hed-dress down to the shoes. it makes the wearer look very innocent and cute.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My favorite japan fashions

it me again. with my favorite japanese lolita styles

this is a gothic lolita dress. i like it because it simple but elegant. the bag too. she has black tresses in her hair to compliment the look and finish it off with her black bow heels.

this is the ever so cute sweet lolita. for the girliest of girls. as you can see. it has alot of pink. its cute, frilly, and absolutely girly. the bow isnt too big but for big hair i'd go with the big bow

this is punk lolita. here she has on a black and white outfit with her skully plushie ^_^ love this the most. i'll post more tomorrow

Monday, September 19, 2011

Word of the day

hello! today's word is ITADAKIMASU. it means "lets eat" in japanese. in japanese is "masu" is pronounced "mass" ok?


^_^ have a good day!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Fav Japan shops i would like to visit

hajimemashite! its me again. here to tell you the clothing stores i would visit in japan if i ever got the chance to go there in the future.

this is Shiubya 109. a hot fashion store that my fav JELLY model goes to. it has the latest and "in" clothes for any season and any occasion. this would be my first stop for clothes.

this is "Robot Dreams" a store with robotic toys and such. they're are so many cute ones that i've seen on the internet. i'd shop here for a little robo compainion

this is where i would come to learn hw to paint japanese art. the store is called Kaffe Fassett. a place where japanese painters paint fabulous works of art for fun (i guess).

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Word of the day

today's word is KONBANWA. it means good evening in japanese. ^_^

こんばんは <------- how to write it in kanji.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kawaii(cute) Chibi Characters

konnichi wa bloggers! me again with my top five cute chibi characters from anime. if you have different choices post some up. all ideas are welcome

this is Hatsune Miku. a vocaloid character made in japan. many people love her. she's cute and has a great voice.

this is zero from vampire knight in chibi form. he and Cross Yuuki go to the same campus amd he doesnt trust or like Kuran Kaname-kun. but he's still cute in this form. ^_^

this is chibi ichigo from tokyo mewmew. ^_^ she's a cat. i think and always will think she's adorable. regular OR CHIBI. I ADORE her pink hair. it looks nice with the black ears. ^_^

this is kilala. sango-chan's pet from the anime inuyasha. adorable small. but when she's mad she grows and has big fangs coming out of her mouth. still though. she's ADORABLE ^_^

and this is Chibi-usa(Reeney). daugter of usagi (serena) from the future. an adorabe and fiesty girl like her mother. she has CUTE pink hair too. she transforms into sailor mini moon and serena turns into sailor moon. both cute. ^_^

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Word of the day

hi! today's japanese word of the day is KONNICHI WA. it means hello in japanese. KON-I-CHI WA. easy when you know how to say it! :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fab Foods

This yummy looking treat is called Okonomiyaki. its a japanese pancake. its SUPER delicious too. once made you can top it with anything you want to. i'd recommend some veggies and soy sauce. YUM.

this is sushi. basically raw fish. its not gross. its actually very healthy for you. i have tried this as well. its so refreshing.

and this is takoyaki. yummy dumpling balls with a piece of fresh octopus inside. at first i thought it wouldnt sit well. but NOW i love it. once you visit japan. you'll see. :)

this has been the food part of my blog. i will post more up here as i learn more. tomorrow i'll put up pictures of fabulous japanese models from any magazine. post anything if you'd like. comment if you can. 'kay? SAYOUNARA!

Friday, September 9, 2011

First post

konnichiwa! im jara. the creator of said blog. here to tell you that you are free to post anything that has to do with japan. like the foods. clothing style. words. ANYTHING you jap fans can think of. even anime clips and manga clips are allowed. ok? these are pictures of a gothic lolita dress or dresses i have found just recently.